dst group

dst group develops its main activity in the construction, where it started more than six decades ago, becoming nowadays a National reference. Always aware of its social responsibility, currently employs about 1000 people and has a turnover exceeding 200 million Euros.

dst group has diversified its business areas, acting also in areas like water and waste water systems, renewable energy and telecommunications. Within the renewable energy sector, dst group activities are spread across the hydro power, wind energy, efficiency and the solar energy, where the main activities include the installation of photovoltaic systems and the design, construction and management of photovoltaic farms.

In this sense, global sun presents itself as the production site to manufacture photovoltaic solar modules, from dst group, thus representing an increase upstream in the value chain of the services provided by the group, in this sector.

Since the creation of dst solar energy business area, dst group has been developing several partnerships with leading Portuguese players, mainly from the energy sector and with the most prestigious Portuguese Research Institutes and Universities.

For more information you can visit the dst group homepage on http://www.dstsgps.com