Product P2XXGS

Modules are available in 220, 225, 230, 235 and 240 Watt, with positive power tolerance of +3%.

All modules are tested in our factory, based on a TUV Rheinland calibrated module.

The global sun’s photovoltaic solar modules use polycrystalline solar cells with 6” of superior quality.

The standard dimension of the solar photovoltaic module is 1640mm x 992mm x 40mm, weights 20Kg and is prepared to work within a range of temperatures from -40°C to 90°C.

The junction box is from Weidmüller, a premium quality product for its high performance, which besides presenting high robustness and reliability, it is easy to repair and replace. The glass is supplied by Saint-Gobain, or by Pilkington, being a high transparency tempered glass, with 3,2mm thickness, optimizing the capture of the solar radiation, together with a very low reflection effect. For encapsulation, global sun photovoltaic solar modules use EVA with 0,5mm thickness which ensures a proper sealing between all the components and consequent increase in the robustness, of the sandwich. The adhesive to fix the junction box and the frame is supplied by Dow Corning.

The frames are made of anodized aluminum 6063-T5 and the Customer has the possibility to choose the final treatment. The coating of the cells support material can be also customized, to address the requirements of the Customer project.

The products of global sun have a warranty of 10 years, to support product and components quality. About the performance of the photovoltaic solar modules, global sun provides a guarantee of 10 years at 90% of the initial performance, and 20 years at 80% of the initial performance.

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Polycrystaline Silicon Solar Cells 156mm x 156mm
Number of cells
60 (6x10)
Dimensions (mm)
1640 x 992 x 40
Weight (Kg)