As a result of the diversifying strategy expansion into the renewable energy sector, dst group has invested in a new production site to manufacture photovoltaic solar modules, global sun.

global sun has installed a selected top production line equipment manufacturer, aiming to manufacture branded high quality Portuguese product.

The future high potential of this business area as well as the possibility of expansion abroad of dst group branded photovoltaic solar modules were the key factors that supported the strategic decision of reinforcing this area within dst group.

global sun’s focus in this market emerged as a major strategic aim of innovation and technological development. This project is supported by the incentive system within the National Strategic Reference Framework (NSRF) under the typology of “Incentives for Innovation and Renovation of the Business Model”.

The Project nº FCOMP-02-0203-002744-ERDF, approved on June 9th, 2008, with an investment over € 3.4M to be carried out in 36 months, will enable global sun to adapt their facilities with technologically advanced equipment and working conditions that will allow entering in the national solar energy market and to address international markets of solar energy.



Project Number
Execution Timeframe
36 months
3.4 M€